Things to do in El Nido – make the most of your stay!

The Philippine Experience

A fun & unique day all about the Philippines & it’s people

Things To Do in El Nido: Where To Go & What To See?

Everyone knows that island hopping is THE thing to do in El Nido, but what then? There’s still plenty more to do and see during your stay!

Why not try something Unique & Different to do in El Nido – The Philippine Experience– an amazing one day adventure all about the Philippines & it’s people, where you get to climb coconut trees (with a safety rope & harness), make coconut milk, learn how to cook a Filipino dish, try your hand at Arnis (traditional Filipino stick fighting) and much much more! Surely it will become an El Nido “Must Do” as there’s nothing else out there like it! Check out reviews on their facebook page. You can book by messaging them on facebook, they aim to run the experience 3 times a week.

Aside from having a great time in the many restaurants and bars, there are other activities such as Trekking, Mountain biking, Motor biking, Overnight camping, Joining an expedition, Getting a tattoo, Diving, Free diving, Fishing, Sunset dining, Cliff climbing and jumping, Kayaking, Surfing and other Water sports.

You can also check out local crafts / souvenirs and visit many beaches such as Las Cabanas, Corong Corong, Lugadia, Caalan, Nacpan & Duli. There are also big and small waterfalls, a cave & mangrove to explore, a hot spring and a cultural museum all within a day’s travel.

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Search The Net For Ideas
Besides this, TripAdvisor & Lonely Planet Publications are useful resources for things to do in El Nido. (these links take you straight to the El Nido section on both sites). You can even download by chapter from Lonely Planet’s Guidebooks.

Get Local Knowledge
The Tourist Information Office on Real Street also has helpful staff with local knowledge to deal with your queries.

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There are also plenty of blogs out there from people who have been here with handy tips and pointers about things to do in El Nido. Try the following to start with…


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