The Philippine Experience

The Philippine Experience

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What Is It?

When you join The Philippine Experience, they take you to their off-the-beaten-track location, where there’s boating / fishing, walking / trekking, a mini cooking course, making coconut oil, coconut tree climbing, trying local languages, crafts, skills & games during a fun & unique day all about the Philippines & it’s people.
They go Monday, Wednesday & Saturday from 9am to 4:30pm when thereis a group booking of 6 people or more…to make sure you can go bring along some friends!

When/Where/How To Join:

If you already have a group of 6 or more wanting to join, send them a message on facebook & they will arrange to meet you to sort the booking 🙂


1500p per person Incl. transport, lunch, drinks & souvenirs


Camera, mosquito repellent, sun cream, raincoat / umbrella if needed, flip flops, towel, swim gear & money for extras / afterwards (they can drop you off at Las Cabanas or Corong Corong on the way back to wait for sunset).


Send them a message at and they will be happy to help


If you have a group of 6 or more wanting to join, call / text 09281923268 or send them a message on facebook & they can arrange to meet & make a booking direct