More ATMs In El Nido!

ATMs In El NidoWelcome news for both locals and visitors, as of 6th June 2016 there are now additional ATMs in El Nido. These can be found at the newly opened branch of the BPI.

There’s still another way to withdraw money (click Getting Money In El Nido) which charges ZERO fees for your first transfer and is likely to be a better option in the following situations:

  • If all the ATMs In El Nido are out of cash
  • If withdrawal limits have been reduced because the machine is running low on cash
  • If you would like to withdraw larger amounts in one go instead of paying repeat ATM fees (your bank and the local bank may both charge per withdrawal)
  • If for some reason your card is not accepted in any of the ATMs In El Nido
  • If you’re worried about losing your card to the machine when there’s a power outage (the reason we avoid using ATMs anywhere in the Philippines)
  • If you are traveling elsewhere (even other countries) and would like to familiarize yourself with this useful emergency back up method. The following destinations also have reliability problems with ATMs – Oslob, Port Barton, Siargao.